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“What a fantastic experience! You can bet I will be sharing this with friends/family – not necessarily in terms of retrospective assessment (I should not have gotten into a situation where valuation is needed after the property has gone), more so in terms of getting your vehicle appraised in general. I had put off following through in obtaining a valuation before my car was stolen – if I had known how straightforward it was, that the cost was not out of sight, and the capability of individuals such as Mike to work through the process… I would have just gotten straight onto it. What an awesome service. Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you like, it’s a pleasure working with a company who is an expert in their field. I’ve passed this report on to my insurer, and regardless of what they decide to do from here, I very much appreciate your help getting this appraisal drawn up.” Thanks ever so much, Keith

“Thanks to your valuation of my written off truck I just received another $5000, money that I thought was already lost.”

Linda Faith

“Thanks so much for your work. I like to also thank you and the team on such an awesome service.
I was blown away at how easy the process was and how quickly the response was – Amazing!
I will definitely be recommending your services to others, and for any future vehicles I will own!”

James McPherson

“Reading some of the other testimonials, I realised that all the comments rang true. Michael Payne did exactly what he said he would do, he communicates well and followed through. The selling process was made so easy when selling my pride and joy. I can highly recommend Michael and New Zealand Vehicle Valuations if you intend on selling your vehicle. Thanks Mike you did a great job for both buyer and seller.”

Maurice David
Village Manager | Queenstown Country Club

“We have no hesitation in recommending Laurie Payne Motors for providing Pre Accident Valuations. We have used them to value motor vehicles for 22 years and their service is very efficient and accurate. The importance to provide fair and accurate valuations is crucial to assessors, insurers and the insureds. Their experience, expertise and having a broad up to date knowledge of the motor vehicle market is invaluable.”

Tony Weir, AJ Weir & Associates

“I have been using Laurie Payne Motors for many years to value my collection of campervan and classic cars for insurance policies. My insurance company has always accepted the valuations without question and I have always felt the valuations to be very accurate and in line with their true value. Laurie Payne Motors are very experienced with all types of motor vehicles and their current market values.”

Mathew Sandrey

I have been using NZ Vehicle Valuations for may years to value my classic car collection for insurance purposes. NZVV is very experienced in valuing a wide range of vehicles and is especially knowledgeable at valuing rare and specialist vehicles such as mine.
The values given are accepted by my insurance company without question and, I believe, a fair representation of the market value of my vehicles. I have no hesitation in recommending NZVV’s services to prospective clients.

Colin Sweetman, Braunston Classic Cars

Michael Payne is thoroughly reliable and trustworthy and of the highest personal honesty and integrity. I have known Mike for over 20 years. He has an extensive motor industry knowledge and experience and I have come to rely heavily on his judgement relative to valuations of classic vehicles. I commend him to you for vehicle valuation and consultancy services.

Andy Webster-collector and member of the MG Car Club and Vintage Car Club