Your Dependable Vehicle Valuation Specialist

Are you arranging vehicle insurance and want peace-of-mind that you have the right amount of cover?

Classic Valuations

You don’t want to pay more than you have to for vehicle insurance. Equally, you don’t want to be accidentally short on cover. This is especially important for classic vehicles, where market valuations can fluctuate markedly year to year.

Our reputation with insurers of specialised vehicles means you can relax, knowing your pride-and-joy is appropriately appraised.

Contemporary Valuations

There are many people who need to know the accurate market value of your vehicle: an insurance broker (no surprise), your accountant (GST and depreciation calculations), your lawyer (estate and trust management), or your bank or finance company – to name a few.

Single vehicles, fleets, collections. You won’t be surprised that we enjoy valuing them all.

Car Sales

How did we get so good at valuing vehicles? Because we eat, sleep and breathe vehicles! Actually, we’ve been selling cars for over 45 years, and you don’t last that long in the car-yard game without knowing the difference between a solid set of wheels and a clunker.

So, even though valuations is our focus, we still sell great cars via Butler Motor Company. Check out the latest offering.

Every insurance company recognises and accepts our valuations. 

Hear our story

There are many reasons why you need an independent vehicle valuation but they all point to one outcome: certainty. By knowing the value of your car, small truck, campervan, caravan, ute, trailer, SUV, motorbike – actually, most anything with wheels – you have the confidence that your sale, purchase, or insurance process will go smoothly.

Privately-owned vehicles. Business vehicles and company fleets. Insurance policy valuations. Since the 1980s we’ve been providing current market valuations on all kinds of vehicles, for all kinds of people and organisations. From collectors of classics to enthusiasts of modifieds. From multinational insurance companies to business fleet managers. From a family selling their beloved wagon to someone buying their first motor home. 

And it doesn’t matter which part of the country you call home – we specialise in digital valuations. Complete one simple form and submit some photos and we can calculate what your vehicle is worth in today’s market.

You receive a detailed report, which is recognised by all of New Zealand’s major insurance companies. That’s worth repeating – our valuations are trusted by all insurance companies, including Swann Insurance, Star Insurance Specialists, and Classic Cover Insurance.

Take a second and imagine the moment you realise your beloved car collection is under-insured, and it’s too late to change it. Or picture the instant you discover your fleet premiums are too high and have been for years. There’s an easy way to avoid these sinking feelings – talk to New Zealand Vehicle Valuations.

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