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How does a car sales company become a leading nation-wide vehicle valuation company?

By saying ‘yes’.

New Zealand Vehicle Valuations started out in 1972 as Laurie Payne Motors. In the 1980s, Laurie leased an office on his yard to an insurance assessor. “Can you do me an independent valuation?” asked the assessor – a question that launched one of New Zealand’s most trusted vehicle valuation companies.

Laurie Payne has since retired but the family business remains, with his son and daughters – Mike, Jeannie, and Kath – continuing to delight customers with quality vehicles and accurate valuations. In 2016, the family name was taken off the signage and New Zealand Vehicle Valuations was revealed as the new identity.

The trio were joined by Blair Butler (of Butler Motor Company) and his sister Sonya, and today the five are as committed to happy customers as Laurie was, back in the day.

“It still feels like we’re a boutique business,” explains Mike, despite the impressive number of vehicle valuations the company does each month.

“We’re a lean team, yet we make a significant difference for our clients.

Accurate and efficient? That’s us.”