We bet you’re a bit like us, and love everything about cars. That’s why we’ve been selling them for over 45 years.

Four decades is a long time to be in vehicle sales. We’ve seen fads come and go (remember vinyl roofs?) and watched the motor industry evolve. Through it all we’ve been connecting lovely people – people like you – with quality, reliable vehicles. And we’ve been doing something right because 95% of our business is to repeat customers and referrals.

If it seems funny that we’re talking about vehicle sales on a vehicle valuation website, there’s a good reason: they go hand-in-hand. Laurie Payne (company founder) started out selling cars in 1972, then saw the need for independent valuations. Doing both simply amplified his expertise, and meant you always took home the very best vehicle at the very best price.

Today, we’re still a hands-on, family business. Sure, the scale has changed (we now have customers all over New Zealand) but we just can’t stop introducing cool cars to cool owners. After all, it’s in our blood. So, if you’re looking for a family runabout, an off-road warrior, or a perky wee classic to start your collection, check out our latest offerings here.