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with 45 years in the motoring business.

Okay, we admit it… we could talk about cars all day. Our office is not dull grey, instead, it’s festooned with cool car memorabilia, and there’s even a cheerful vehicle or two for sale outside. Sure, we’re busy doing independent vehicle valuations for people like you – individual owners, insurance companies, collectors, fleet managers – and we do sell fantastic cars to lovely people, but it doesn’t feel like work. After all, we get to spend all day surrounded by cars and people who love cars. That’s our definition of heaven!

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Mike Payne

It all started in 1972 with Mike’s dad, Laurie (Laurie Payne Motors). Mike joined Laurie in 1993 after a 12-year career in banking.

We were a great team (father and son) buying and selling used vehicles and we gained a reputation of honesty and integrity which ensured a fantastic repeat and referral business.

We discovered that our niche sideline of vehicle valuations was becoming more and more in demand. Mike has taken the valuation business to the next level when NZVV was born in 2016.

“I love meeting the people and their vehicles” says Mike  “everyone has a story and every story is different, I am very lucky to be able to provide a service that gives me so much enjoyment.

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Blair Butler

Blair knows a good paint-job when he sees one because he started his motor trade career as a spray painter. Before you could say “Is it dry yet?” he was running the damaged-vehicle section of the largest second-hand car dealership outside of Auckland. Little-known fact: he’s an experienced auctioneer.

When Blair moved desks to become the Branch Manager he was responsible for 75 staff and selling 600 vehicles a month. Blair knows cars.

Today, as well as his expert work with New Zealand Vehicle Valuations, his name is on the door at Butler Motor Company. “Our rule of thumb is to only offer vehicles we would be proud to own ourselves,” says Blair. Then he leans forward, with a smile every car enthusiast knows, adding, “We always try to have something interesting on offer.”

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